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Tinnitrana Orchestra - Tibetan Gong
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Tinnitrana Orchestra - Strings
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Gong
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Steel Drum
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Wooden Xylophone
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Singing Bowls
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Piano Mechanism

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find answers to questions about Tinnitrana Orchestra Therapy

What is tinnitus?

The term “tinnitus” refers to a symptom that manifests itself by the presence of rustling, ringing, crackling, whistling, or a feeling of pressure in the ear/ears, without any obvious external stimulus or reason.

Why is there ringing in my ears?

Tinnitus is a symptom, a failure of perception that originates from within the auditory system, or a whistling, humming or buzzing sound that reflects some dysfunction and disharmony of other systems in the body.

How is tinnitus treated?

The treatment of tinnitus is “causal”, that is, it is aimed at discovering the causes of tinnitus. Indentifying the origin of tinnitus can be very problematic due to its many possible causes, and it can involve all disciplines of modern medicine.

Who are Tinnitrana Orchestra therapies suitable for?

For everyone who wants to overcome their tinnitus, who is determined to learn to manage their symptoms in everyday practice.

How can Tinnitrana Orchestra albums help me with my tinnitus treatment?

Tinnitrana Orchestra therapies are unique because of their concept, sound design, and their use of purely natural, organic sounds and acoustic instruments. Regardless of the cause and causality of your tinnitus, our therapies can a) mask tinnitus and allow the central nervous system to “relax and forget” about the disease symptoms; b) harness the principles of passive music therapy to relax and ease the tension which is a direct result of tinnitus attacks, regardless of whether the tinnitus is chronic or sporadic. Our therapies will start a regenerative process in the body, which can improve the listener’s physical and mental condition.

Which therapy is best for me?

It depends on your individual needs and goals. The Tinnitrana Orchestra catalogue includes organic “murmuring” maskers of specific frequencies (hi, mid, low), which serve to mask tinnitus symptoms. These albums are often used to improve the quality of sleep. They are also suitable for Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.

Furthermore, we produce maskers that comprise hundreds of (again, purely organic) microdetails, which are composed into songs of precise frequency and theme content. These serve both to mask tinnitus and to practice deep relaxation.

The third category consists of recordings containing the music of our music therapists, precisely composed to achieve either a) stimulating goals, or b) relaxation and meditation goals. These albums also use the principle of masking by natural organic soundscape fragments, which we record in natural locations and subsequently produce into various therapeutic albums in the studio.

We always recommend consulting the selection of a therapy with your doctor so that it best fits in the mix of all the methods that you will be using to manage your tinnitus and to explain its genesis in order to cure the underlying condition.

How can I buy a therapy?

You can access free previews of all our albums and songs on our website so that you and your doctor can get a clear idea of each therapy. Each album contains a brief annotation describing the therapy, a track index and the album credits.

To purchase a therapy, you can choose from more than 200 online services. Select the one which suits you best and which you routinely use for listening to music. The most popular include iTunes by Apple, Apple Radio, Deezer, Spotify, Musicload, Google Play, Xbox Music, Amazon and many others. To download a therapy into your device, use the links on our website or enter “Tinnitrana Orchestra” into your favorite online music store. You are sure to find us there.

How long does it take from ordering an album to actually listening to it?

It depends on your preferred online store and how fast it is. Usually, it is a matter of minutes. In subscribed streaming services, it is almost instantaneous.

Do I need any special equipment to listen to therapies?

No, you don't. That is yet another benefit of the Tinnitrana Orchestra concept. The only thing you need for listening to our therapies is a common audio device that faithfully (accurately) reproduces music in its entirety, that is, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and an internet connection for the selection and purchase of the albums. The frequency range, sound engeneering and sound design of our products are the key factors for the effectiveness of a therapy. Consequently, the better the audio device you choose, the easier you achieve the desired effect. It is absolutely inappropriate and inadequate to listen to the therapies using built-in speakers of phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions, which often do not allow listening in stereo and in full, complex sound quality. Use normal but decent audio devices, and you will achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Does it make a difference if I listen to therapies through headphones or speakers?

Yes, there is a difference. Headphones and speakers represent two totally different ways of sound perception. For effective listening to our therapies, we recommend using a quality headset which will allow you to perceive a recording most accurately, faithfully, and with the best concentration. Even the slightest sound detail, its frequency and location within the panorama (right/left channel of the mix), is important in the therapy, together with the fact that all the sounds used are 100% natural, live and organic. The sound sceneries of our maskers thus constantly transform and evolve, delivering ever new sound (therapeutic) stimuli to the listener's central nervous system.

In the case of TRT therapy and sleep therapies, we recommend a small compact headset (in-ear headphones), which will not deaden your surrounding natural sound landscape too much, while faithfully reproducing the audio in complex sound quality.

Conversely, in therapies aimed at deep relaxation, we suggest using large closed or semi-closed headphones, which will deaden and filter out your surrounding environment, thereby allowing you to concentrate fully on your therapy.

If you would like to use a therapy as a “murmuring masker background” in an environment where you want to pursue your normal daily activities, you can use high-quality multi-band speakers, which will be the most suitable for this kind of listening.

Will Tinnitrana Orchestra cure my tinnitus?

We would love to say that it will, but in most cases it won’t. However, if you are among those lucky few who suffer from tinnitus due to spasmodic strain or transient stress, which can be eliminated by the regular use of our albums along with well-managed relaxation, then there is a high probability that Tinnitrana Orchestra therapies will help you remove the squeaking and rustling from your ears.

In all other cases (diseases of the auditory system, cardiovascular system diseases, metabolic illnesses, neurological disorders or injuries, psychiatric illnesses etc.), it is always necessary to work with your doctor on eliminating the condition causing tinnitus if possible, and to use our albums as an effective support therapy.

What is the goal of Tinnitrana Orchestra?

Our goal is to develop and offer the most efficient, easily accessible and user-friendly tools for the management and reduction of the negative symptoms of tinnitus in everyday practice, with the aim of improving, as much as possible, the quality of life of those who suffer from tinnitus attacks.

Is there anything I can do to help other tinnitus sufferers?

Definitely yes. We will be glad if you contact us by email at and share your experience, suggestions and needs, which will help us develop the concept, production and sound engineering of other therapies, which we believe will help many other tinnitus sufferers worldwide. This is why we do it, what Tinnitrana Orchestra was created for.


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