Tinnitrana Orchestra - Tibetan Gong
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Gu Zheng
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Location Recording
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Thai Xylophone
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Djembe
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Strings
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Gong
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Steel Drum
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Wooden Xylophone
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Singing Bowls
Tinnitrana Orchestra - Piano Mechanism

For Professionals

Download our albums to help your patients.

If you are a doctor or therapist who specializes in the treatment and management of tinnitus and you would like to use our recordings in your clinical practice, contact us by email at tinnitranaorchestra@gmail.com. We will provide you with free access to our albums.

Please include in your email the following:

1) First name and surname

2) Link to your professional website

3) How would you like to use our recordings

We put a lot of energy into the production of each album, and therefore we would like to know who we share the albums with.

Thank you for your understanding.


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